my name is Marco Stolze.

I’m currently working as a software architect / systems engineer for a manufacturer of medical devices.

My place of residence and work is Berlin, Germany.


I made my first experiences in software development already in the 80’s with small BASIC-programmed routines. At the beginning of the 90’s I extended my experience with C, C++, Delphi, Java - but also with exotics like Prolog or Assembler. For a long time I worked as a VB and Delphi programmer. When the .NET framework with C# was released, I also started to switch to this platform and language, which still dominates my professional work today.

Agile organizational methodologies such as SCRUM or Kanban are a matter of course for me - but I am also familiar with PRINCE2 for corporate projects.

In my profession it is very important to have a profound knowledge of software architectures and design, patterns and best practices as well as the ability to technically organize and document development processes.


As an universalist, I’m constantly improving my knowledge of many other development platforms such as NodeJS, JavaScript (Typescript, Coffeescript), Java, Ruby, Go.

On these personal github pages I would like to share my thoughts on interesting topics, such as software development, blockchain and cryptocurrencies, deep learning, big/smart data, photography etc. and describe my own projects.